AZA Concept

We know starting is always the tricky part. That is why A-Z Atlas want to create a society, a private two-way matching directory system for both buying & selling, and a guiding platform to support many businesses.

Our objective is to build a global database that will run through our smart system to match suitable and interested buyer privately under the A-Z network using blockchain technology.


Low monthly subscription

Besides the matching, the platform offers a unique offer and management features to make running your business and trading much more convenient. To make it more accessible and let more companies benefit from the system and society, we also introduce AZA as a low subscription platform with pay-as-you-go service fees.


ZIG runs a long checklist on all listing buyer & brands on account verification and proof of identity. We inspect all the details before providing you with the quality matching.

Private system

A-Z system is a private brand & buyer matching system supported by the ZIG group. To protect privacy we built our site with blockchain system, meaning every conversation and information are encrypted and are stored safely inside our system. 

All matching will have NDA signed before releasing the final company, brand name and an few additional confirmation to begin communication portal.



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Est. launching date: Mid 2019