Brand: Ionic Flux

Place of Origin: Estonia

Founded: 2014

Branding Since: 2015

Regional Coverage: Asia

Industry: Bearing Lubrication, Oil Base R&D, Skateboarding Industry, 

Website: www.ionicflux.com

Company: Ionic Flux, founded in 2014 by Christopher Jacobs and Boriss Mahrov Ph.D is an Estonian startup company dedicated to utilizing new nano-tech and ionic liquid technologies in advanced friction reducing lubrication applications.

It all started with an avid interest in a new technology Boriss was studying and Chris’s major interest in its application to extreme sports. We developed our very first bearing oil for skateboarding/longboarding called Black Steel. This technology has been proven to reduce friction in bearings by 30% more than conventional oil products and was the first product to take this technology into an extreme sports application. Over the course of the last 3 years, our product has been sold to skaters and shops in over 30 countries and is used by championship skateboarders and world record gravity sports athletes. Our company has the goal of being a premier lubricant for all human powered sports applications, from skateboarding, inline, to bicycle industries, and to be the number 1 lubricant choice for top level athletes in all disciplines.

Ionic Flux, as a brand first dedicated to skateboarding and longboarding began working with MapleZ in late 2015 under a co-branding agreement to introduce their products to inline speed skating. After formally joining as a development partner in 2017, we intend to launch together a skateboarding brand called “Skatebound” which will carryout development by mid 2017 with an initial product line of skateboard/longboard hard goods, moving into soft goods and then skateboarding apparel.

Estionia Office:

Tartu, Tartumaa 51003

Office: +37 258252351


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