Brand: Letharmo Design

Place of Origin: Hong Kong / South Korea

Founded: 2017

Branding Since: Founded

Regional Coverage: Asia

Industry: Custom Leather goods/merchandising, Leather Branding Development Support, 

Website: www.letharmo.com

Letharmo is a  platform that helps customer to build a leather brand that communicates with their customers, keeping them satisfied but still wanting for more; by bringing together all the moving parts involved in building a leather brand. At Letharmo, satisfaction is our top priority that’s why we offer a wide range of services; some of which include logo design, sampling, production and packaging.  Production becomes more creative and time efficient with us as we are equipped with the latest and finest UV Direct Printing Machine, Laser Cutting, Engraving Machine and Computerized stitching machine.  At Letharmo, we believe that your success is also our success that’s why we always support building your brand and because of that, we made sure not to set any MOQ. Everything here is handpicked by you and handmade by us. 


South Korea Office:

Kyungjinronam1gil3 502ho, Daegu 41562, South Korea

Office: +82 10-9343-2041


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