Brand: MonsterZ Automotive Performance

Place of Origin: Hong Kong

Founded: 2017

Branding Since: 2017

Regional Coverage: Hong Kong

Industry: Automotive Tuning and Servicing, Motorsports equipments and products, Automotive R&D, Product Disturbuting 

Website: www.monster-z.com

MonsterZ Motorsports is on a mission to rev up attention and support for motorsports in Asia through a wide range of services and partnerships with top-tier brands. We offer professional services for amateurs, enthusiasts, and professionals alike without compromises. Monster Garage and ZIG joined forces to launch a new kind of garage and racing gear outfitter in Hong Kong. We’re passionate about advancing automotive performance through unparalleled service at our custom build and classic car garage.  

Our core team is made up of industry professionals with expertise in a wide range of areas. Everyone has their niche and focus, but we come together as a united team to push the limits of modern motorsports. From general servicing to specialized automotive tuning and custom engine rebuilds, we have the knowledge, experience, and passion to complete your project.   Everything that we do at MonsterZ Motorsports is only possible with the support of our official partners. Together, we share resources and boost each other to support the growing motorsports industry in Asia. We’re all automotive fanatics and smart business leaders with the dream of bringing the sport to new levels of fame and prestige.

Hong Kong Garage:

Unit 8SB, DD212, 12 Hong Kin Road, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Office: +852 8124 1202


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