Zeleritaz International Group, based in Hong Kong comes from humble beginnings. Starting with its founding family’s business in the 1970’s and 1980’s it was involved in the International secondhand motor trade, then property investment into the 1990’s, leading to the creation of the Preamble Group, which is a finance based business founded in 1993.

Preamble group is one of Hong Kong’s longest established private financial institutions and is regarded as a leading pioneer in this sector. From SME entrepreneurs, investors, to self-employed individuals, Preamble has accumulated an extensive network built upon its reputation in the field.

Over the decades, many things have changed in the Hong Kong financial sector. The market dynamics have shifted with many private financial firms offering similar services and banks operating in the same segment. Preamble group decided it’s time to diversify and go into new directions. 

As a part of its continuously un-folding story, ZIG (Zeleritaz International Group) was setup as a completely independent entity which is officially separated from the mother company, Preamble Group, to allow for more flexibility and ease of business with a predominant focus on the branding and sports industry.


About ZIG

We, Zeleritaz International Group Limited (ZIG) are engaged in the action sports industry and was formed to focus primarily on investing in brands, new businesses, niche sports and companies where our existing skills and capabilities can generate additional value and make significant improvements on our target company’s performance and profitability.

We make connections,  deploy capital and people where we see opportunities to generate returns which  exceed our cost of capital over long-term. We also focus our investments on existing businesses where our scale, expertise or brands give us a competitive advantage and where our capital and people can generate long-term value.

Business Objective and Nature 

Our goal is to form a higher circle to help more foreigner brands to grow under our network in Asia by offering leading comprehensive and reliable services in management, development, operation as well as manufacturing support.  

- Branding

- Brand DMI (Development, Management and Investment)

- Marketing Development

- Relationship Development

- Business Circulation

- Manufacturing Support

Our  Team

People make teams, teams make companies, companies make partnerships, and partnerships make our international group. At the core of what we represent, it is our people that make the biggest difference, and our ability to combine our teams into one working unit are at the forefront of how we operate.

Across 4 countries, we employ a team of over 30 people involved in executive management roles, product design, material sciences, research and development, engineering, manufacturing, athletics, industry experts, sales, marketing, and operations. We are all dedicated to a unified goal of influencing our sports markets with unique, market disruptive, product innovation.


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