Our Team

At the core of what we represent, it is our people that make the most significant difference, and our ability to combine our teams into one working unit is at the forefront of how we operate.

Lawrence Chiu

Founder & CEO

Kelvin Li

Director of Legal & Business Affairs

Humble Kim

CEO (South Korea) 

Joseph Jeon


Anson Ma

Sales & Marketing Manager

Been Seong

Brand Manager

Patrick Ho

Assistance Product Manager

Oscar Tsui

Procurement Department

Shane Yu

Automotive Technical Manager

Sing Lau

Assistant Sales Manager

Kingsley Yee

Operation Manager

Tom Hoh

Brand Manager

Steven Chan

Workshop Manager

Sally Park

Website Developer

Minh Nguyen

Business Development Manager (EU)

Angela Lam

Printing and Packaging Manager

Chloe Cha

Graphic Designer

Steven Chung

Marketing Officer

Patrick Wong

Logistic & Operation Manager

Daniel Bovington

Business & Sales Manager (EU)

Macky Mak

Sales Manager

Grayson Hyung

Industrial Designer

Yan Mak

Marketing & Designer

Faddie Chiu

Account Manager

Brian Lee

Electronic Development Manager