What do we offer

Zeleritaz is a platform combined by many unique and skilled individuals & companies to create a single network for branding, design & manufacturing services, all dedicated to a unified goal of influencing the markets with unique, market disruptive, product innovation.


Services /

Brand Development & Development


ZIG offer a comprehensive services tailor to suit every brand owner and their ambition, providing high flexibility and transparency to allow the brand owner to expand and control their business more efficiently.

SME Branding Support


ZIG offers low monthly subscription fees on branding consultancy and design service to all SME company, and free for all selected start-up company, we strive to provide small MOQ & low annual purchase to support their branding development.

Design and Media


Our team can achieve from paper to 3D, from soft to hardgoods, from low to high tech, we have a skilled team of experts & alliance in all kinds of design and manufacturing background to support all challenges.

Manufacturing + R&D

  • Chemist Research and Development

  • Product Design and Development

  • Manufacturing Support

  • Carbon Fibre Manufacturing Garment Manufacturing

Networking & Matching

  • Coming soon, ZIG will be launching the A-Z Atlas (AZA) Website & App - it will be private global blockchain networking & business matching system to line up expanding our business & services to support global brands and companies.