History & Evolution

Zeleritaz was found in 2012, initially focusing on private product development and from a patent product to an ISPO gold award, we, fortunately, became the overseas support of a Dutch brand and began the business of today's brand managing and supporting model.

Our business has continuously been evolving throughout the last seven years, we experienced from serving one company into supporting multiple companies, and with a lot of support, we have grown from a small team of four into an international group of 30+ along with a network of alliance partners with over 400 employees.

In the upcoming year, we aim to finish developing our digital platform to expand the network more rapidly by offering more digital service and management motoring experience to our client.


What is ZIG

Zeleritaz is an international group offering a comprehensive branding service and brand management service along with a unique business model that we succeed to diversify new value and unparalleled business opportunities to our alliance partners.


unified platform

Zeleritaz is a platform combined by many unique and skilled individuals & companies to create a single network for branding, design & manufacturing services, all dedicated to a unified goal of influencing the markets with unique, market disruptive, product innovation.


Alliance Strategy

A strategy for combining companies to accelerate the business at a much faster pace and benefit each other to achieve a higher and bigger goal together.

Sharing benefit, Services, Group ability, workforce, and most importantly the ability to tap into different opportunity and generate new synergy.


Vision & Objective

Our goal is to form a higher circle to help more brands to grow under our network globally, by offering leading comprehensive and reliable services in management, development, technology, operation as well as manufacturing support.